सम्पत्ति देवी पब्लिक स्कूल के वेब पोर्टल पर आपका स्वागत है।

Established Year- 1994

Registration Number - 439/1995-96 Date 31-08-1995

Welcome To Sampati Devi Public School

ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय, तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय, मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय

Sampati Devi Public School is situated in Raiwala village of Dehradun District.

The school that began with 135 children in 1994 on a borrowed capital of 2000 rupees today has over 700 students from Nursery to Class VIII in the current session. SDPS founder Late Shri Srinand Chamoli was inspired by the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi and Sant Vinoba Bhave. He started SDPS with vision to inspire generations of children to become socially motivated and conscious citizens of India and the world. His motto "Tamso Maa Jyotirgamaya" has been the school's greeting from teh beginning. SDPS children are taught the value of ' Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam', or the 'Earth is but one Country and Mankind its Citizens


Late Srinand Chamoli

(Founder Member)

Smt. Sampati Devi

(Founder Member)


Best Performers

Best Performers



Why We Are?

Highly Experience Teaching Staff

We understand that a teacher introduces the learners to success. SDPS has an excellent team of professional and highly qualified faculty who are determined to enlighten the lives of our learners. Passionate, creative and innovative individuals with excellent communication skills and fire in their bell, the teachers are partner in the progress of learners and institution at large.

Best Campus Environment

SDPS has a beautiful school building with garden is safe and idyllic for both the Pre Primary, Primary and Upper Primary sections. Every school day, our teachers strive to create an exciting and inspiring learning experience for every child.
Our Pre Primary School students explore their creative talents in a dedicated arts and crafts centre, and benefit from an IT room, music rooms, a space for movement and dance, and a separate playground.

Exemplary Environment

Our Primary and Upper Primary School facilities are set up to support students as they master a wide range of subjects. There are rooms for design technology, computer technology, art and design, music and drama. Students can explore the wonders of science in a science laboratory.

"Education is not complete unless we teach our children not only how to read and write but the difference between right and wrong."