सम्पत्ति देवी पब्लिक स्कूल के वेब पोर्टल पर आपका स्वागत है।


We at Sampati Devi School,Raiwala distt. Daharadun believe that there is a LIGHT in every child that is waiting to be kindled. It is our endeavour to develop the all round personality of the child through academics, sports and co-curricular activities and help him achieve balance and equilibrium in life, both in relation to self and to the rest of the world.
Sampati Devi School,Raiwala distt. Daharadun organizes a number of co-curricular activities for the multi-dimensional development of it's students.

Co-Curricular Activities The school tries in every possible way to provide ample opportunities to each student to tap his potential in one field or the other. The aim is to find their strength and talents. The school offers a wide range of activities like : Art & Cultural education,Physical Training and Games, Parents School Relationship, Co-curricular Activities like - Inter House/School Annual Kids Bonanza, Annual Sports Day, Art and Craft Day, Cultural Events, Modal Class Presentations, Mother's Day, Grand Parents Day etc.

Art & Cultural education :

  • Drawing
  • Folk Dances
  • National & Religious Festivals
  • Musical Instruments Playing
  • Creative Writing
  • Singing Competition
  • Fancy Dress

Literary & Scientific Activities :

  • English Debates
  • Hindi Debates
  • English and Hindi Elocution
  • Enligh and Hindi Recitation
  • Public Speaking
  • Science Projects
  • Science Exhibitions
  • Extempore Speech

Literary & Sports Activities :

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Athletics

"Education is not complete unless we teach our children not only how to read and write but the difference between right and wrong."